storage solutions for small spaces

Creative Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Storage space is something almost all homeowners would like more of. No matter the square footage of your house, there always comes a time where it doesn’t feel quite big enough to accommodate all of your stuff.

While there are ways to get rid of said stuff – like garage sales – many homeowners aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to all of the items causing clutter and overflow around the house.

That means it’s time to implement some creative storage solutions!

Creative Storage Ideas

Looking for some crafty, stylish ways to make the most of the space in your home? Here are a few ideas:

Funky Functional Decor

Lots of people are looking for creative ways to store their stuff, which means there are lots of options out there when it comes to functional storage decor. These are a few of our favorites:


Ottomans are great for sitting on or resting your feet on – but they’re also great for storage! Storage ottomans come in lots of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you’re sure to find one that will work with your home decor style. Plus, they’re the perfect options for storing lots of household items, from video game controllers, remotes, and movies to extra blankets and linens.

Storage Chests

Chests and trunks may be designed as storage receptacles, but they’ve also come into style as home decor items. If you’re looking to add a bit of extra storage space right out in the open, consider investing in a storage chest. They look lovely, but they can also fit LOTS of stuff!

Stagger Shelves

Installing lots of bulky shelving in small areas can actually end up taking up extra space, even if you intend to use the shelving for storage purposes. Instead, consider using stagger shelving – shelves that looks like stairs or ladders and sit further out in the room at the bottom than at the top. These shelving units add character to a room and are ideal for holding books, towels, tissues, trinkets, and so much more.

Under Bed Storage Bins

This may not be all that creative, but it’s a tried and true solution when it comes to making the most of available storage space in your home! Under bed storage bins are perfect for clothes, shoes, sheets and linens, and regular old clutter. Have a guest room in your home? Make sure you’re making the most of the under-bed storage space there as well!


Closets are great, but they can be tough to keep organized, especially if you can close the door and forget about the clutter until the next time you need to get something out. Cubbies are a great alternative, especially if you have little kids in the house. Put them in a convenient location (near the entryway is usually a good place), assign each family member a cubby, and viola! Bonus: You’ll be extra inspired to keep the area organized because it’s out in the open.

Bins and Baskets

Big bins and baskets are terrific storage options. Have extra blankets, throws, and pillows scattered around the family room? Toss them in a decorative basket in the corner of the room. Have lots of mail on the counter that you need to go through? Stick it in a countertop bin that you can easily relocate when guests come over. Bins and baskets can help you to strategically organize your clutter, and make it easy to move stuff around if it’s necessary to get it out of the way.

Over the Door Hooks

Vertical spaces can sometimes make storage challenging. The space is available, but you don’t have a great way to utilize it. Over the door hooks and hanging organizers make it much easier to capitalize on available vertical spaces behind doors! Whether you’re hanging coats and sweatshirts, or you implement a full-fledged behind the door organizer for shoes, wrapping supplies, and more, using behind the door storage creatively can really make a difference.

Implement These Creative Storage Ideas in Your New Home!

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