Backyard Outdoor Living Space

Design Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Spring has finally sprung here in Upstate NY! The temperatures are getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and things are finally starting to thaw.

If you’re hoping to make the most of your backyard this season, now is the time to get started.

Thinking about redesigning your outdoor living space but not sure where to start? Starting with a blank canvas in your backyard? Here are 7 ideas to get you pointed in the right direction.

7 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Want to spend more time outdoors enjoying your backyard? Here are a few easy ways you can improve and enhance your existing outdoor living space this spring!

1. Add a Fireplace

An outdoor fire pit can serve as a focal point for your outdoor gathering area. It adds a cozy touch and makes your backyard an even more desirable place to hang out. If you have a family or you enjoy entertaining, an outdoor fire pit can also make your backyard the ideal place to gather for roasting hot dogs or marshmallows.

2. Add Comfortable Outdoor Seating

Comfortable seating makes outdoor spaces much more enticing. Whether they are chairs around a table where you plan to eat, seats around the fireplace, a porch swing on the patio or a hammock out in the yard, comfortable places to sit will instantly add extra appeal to your outdoor living space.

3. Invest in a Grill

You have to cook dinner, so why not cook it outside? If you’re hoping to spend more time outdoors, investing in a grill for your backyard is a great thing to do. You can use it for everyday dinners, and you can use it for outdoor entertaining during the spring, summer and fall months as well!

4. Do Some Simple Landscaping

A little bit of landscaping can go a long way! The good news is, you don’t have to have a overly green thumb to brighten up your backyard. To get started, simply trim back any plants or branches that are currently overgrown. Add a couple of flower boxes or potted plants to help brighten things up on a patio or deck.

5. Choose a Few Accent Pieces

Starting from scratch when it comes to designing your outdoor space? Choose an accent piece or two to start with, like a fountain, a table umbrella, a patterned tablecloth, or colorful outdoor seat cushions. Then design the rest of the space around these items, using them as the focal point. By starting with something you absolutely love and letting the other elements within the space come together around it, you’re sure to end up with a setting you’re happy with.

6. Think Ahead When It Comes to Bugs

Bugs are one of the things that can quickly and easily ruin an outdoor space. When designing and setting up your outdoor space, think about this ahead of time and put some preventative measures in place. Purchase tiki torches and citronella candles to help keep bugs at bay. Keep a few bottles of bug spray in the space for easy access. If necessary, consider screening in your porch so you can enjoy it without the bugs pestering you.

7. Add Strategic Storage

Avoid clutter in your outdoor space with some strategic outdoor storage options. Investing in an outdoor shed or a small storage container can help to keep your outdoor area neat without cluttering your garage or basement. They are a convenient place to put gardening tools and grill accessories, plus they keep extra pillows, chair cushions, tablecloths, and other outdoor decor easily accessible while also providing a place to tuck them away during the off season and in bad weather.

Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Living Space This Season!

If you want to make your backyard a more appealing place to hang out, these are 7 ways to get started with doing so.

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