Elder model home from Heritage Custom Builders
Getting to Know Heritage Custom Builders Showcase

Get to Know Us at the 2018 Saratoga Showcase of Homes

It’s that time of year again! The Saratoga Showcase of Homes is coming up next month, and we’ve included one of our custom homes in the line up again this year! The area’s premier new home tour starts on the weekend of September 15th and 16th and continues for the following two weekends, wrapping up...

building materials on top of a blueprint for a new house
Custom Home Building

5 Reasons to Use Quality Materials When Building A Custom Home

So you want to build a custom home, but you’re a little bit anxious that designing and creating your own brand new house will be a bit outside of your price range. You’re looking into the details of what it entails to build a custom home in Upstate NY and figure that if you request...

view from driver's perspective out the front windshield of a car
Our Communities

Three Fun Day Trips from Clifton Park

Clifton Park is a great place to live – especially because it’s in such close proximity to dozens of great destinations to explore and enjoy. There are great day trip locations just moments away, making travel easy – even with kids – and leaving plenty of time for long days of exploration and fun. Looking...

screws, a drill and other construction materials on a wood surface
Custom Home Building

The Who’s Who of Custom Home Building

Building a custom home from scratch is quite an undertaking. There are a lot of decisions to make, a lot of details to keep track of, and a lot of people involved along the way. It’s well worth it in the end when you get to move into a house with all the features and...

Small plants in a new garden starting to sprout
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Spruce Up Your Backyard Garden: 7 Tips for Beginning Gardeners

Many avid gardeners claim that spending hours in the garden is therapeutic and relaxing. Pulling weeds, planting new flowers and shrubs, spreading mulch, watering fresh blooms – to some, it’s a mini-vacation. An escape from reality right in the backyard. But if you’re a beginning gardener and you’re looking to give your backyard an upgrade,...

rustic farmhouse style wooden table covered in burlap with lanterns and place settings
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Add a Little Farmhouse Flair to Your Upstate NY Home – Here’s How

Farmhouse style is all the rage these days when it comes to homes and home decor. The rustic, well-worn feel paired with a simple, neutral color palette is broadly appealing – even to those living in neighborhoods and newly built homes that do not even remotely resemble farmhouses. The good news is that while not...

Saratoga Spa State Park in Springtime
Our Communities

Spring Things to Do in the Saratoga Region

Saratoga NY is a great place to live (or visit) year round. There are dozens of things to do and attractions to enjoy in Saratoga, many of them family friendly. The regions surrounding Saratoga are bustling with activity all times of the year as well. Looking for things to do this spring in Saratoga? Wondering...

First time home buyers in front of moving boxes
Tips for Choosing A Home

Things First Time Home Buyers Should Know Before Purchasing a House

Buying a home for the first time can be an exciting – yet intimidating – task. There is a lot to learn when it comes to understanding exactly what’s involved in purchasing a house. Many pieces have to fall into place for a successful home purchase, and navigating the home buying process can sometimes feel...

Backyard Outdoor Living Space
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Design Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Spring has finally sprung here in Upstate NY! The temperatures are getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and things are finally starting to thaw. If you’re hoping to make the most of your backyard this season, now is the time to get started. Thinking about redesigning your outdoor living space but not sure where...

Spring backyard with flowers blooming
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Spring Lawn Care Checklist: How to Clean Up Your Yard This Spring

Upstate NY winters can be rough on yards! When spring rolls around and we start spending a bit more time outside, our landscapes and gardens often look a bit worse for the wear. Cleaning up your yard after a rough winter can be an intimidating task. Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve been living...

Basement area with a TV and a drum set
Tips for Choosing A Home

The Benefits of Basements

Building a custom home gives you the opportunity to create a house that truly suits your family and your needs. It’s a great way to bring the home you’ve always imagined to life! There will be many decisions along the way as you’re working with a custom home builder to design your home, from colors...

Kid sledding in Saratoga
Our Communities

Winter Things to Do in the Saratoga Region

No matter what season of life you’re in or what season of the year it is, the Saratoga region of Upstate NY is a great place to live. There are dozens of events, activities, and attractions to keep locals of all ages busy and entertained all year round, even during the cold and snowy winter...

Living room showcasing some of the top home decor trends of 2018
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

10 Home Decor Trends to Try in 2018

Home improvement shows like “Fixer Upper” and “Flip or Flop” are all the rage these days. People love the idea of taking an existing home and revamping it to reflect the latest, trendiest home styles. Often these shows leave homeowners feeling inspired to make some changes and adjustments in their own homes. While it may...

Family packing boxes before moving
Moving Into a New Home

Tips for Staying Sane When Moving Into a New House

Moving can be an overwhelming experience. From the organizing and coordinating ahead of time to the actual process of packing up everything you own and relocating it during the move, it can be hard to keep your wits about you. At Heritage Custom Builders, we think that moving into a new home should be an...

Snow covered trees
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Tips for Winterizing Homes in Upstate NY

This winter, like many winters, has brought bitter cold to regions throughout Upstate New York. Sub-zero temperatures, freezing rain, and feet of snow have already occurred in some places, and more of the same is in the forecast. This type of weather can cause significant damage to homes that aren’t well prepared for winter’s wrath....

Two pairs of feet in cozy socks warming up by a fireplace
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

How To Warm Up Your Home Without Turning Up The Heat

If you’ve caught a chill this winter, you’re not alone! It’s been bitterly cold here in Upstate New York, and there’s no end to the cold weather in sight. Tired of turning up the heat to stay warm? Try some of these helpful hacks for warming up your home without cranking up the thermostat. 8...

Table setting
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

15 Ways to Make Hosting Guests Easier

The holidays are coming! If you’re a new home owner in charge of hosting family and friends this year, you might be feeling a mixture of excitement and panic. Inviting guests into your home for holidays, birthdays, and any and all other celebrations and special occasions can be fun and rewarding, but it can also...

New Year's Eve Fireworks in Saratoga NY
Our Communities

Celebrating New Year’s in Saratoga Springs NY

New Year’s is just around the corner, and that means now is the time to start making plans to celebrate! Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening out with a special someone or you’re headed out on the town with the kids in search of some family friendly fun, Saratoga is the place to be...

Young couple painting a wall in their home
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Inexpensive DIY Projects That Will Add Value To Your Home

When most people hear the phrase “add value to your home,” what typically comes to mind are large scale projects like kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, and new roof installations. Yikes. While these projects can and often do add significant value to a home, they aren’t the only projects that can make an impact. Small budget...

House frame built by a custom home builder
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Five Tips for Choosing a Custom Home Builder

Finding a home you love can be tough – which is what leads many people to abandon the hunt for an already-built home to work with a custom home builder instead. But choosing a custom home builder can be a challenge as well. You’re trusting this organization to construct your dream home from scratch. The...

storage solutions for small spaces
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Creative Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Storage space is something almost all homeowners would like more of. No matter the square footage of your house, there always comes a time where it doesn’t feel quite big enough to accommodate all of your stuff. While there are ways to get rid of said stuff – like garage sales – many homeowners aren’t...

Townhouse in Saratoga
Tips for Choosing A Home

Benefits of Townhouse Living: Why You May Want to Consider a Townhouse For Your Next Home

Townhouses are gaining popularity in many areas throughout the U.S. – and for good reason! There are numerous benefits to townhouse living that make it a great option for homebuyers in a variety of demographics. Unfortunately, many home shoppers dismiss the idea of townhouse living or overlook townhouses as they are exploring their options for...

News & Upcoming Events Showcase

Join Us at the 2017 Saratoga Showcase of Homes

Once again this year, Heritage Custom Builders will be participating in the Saratoga Showcase of Homes – the area’s premier new home tour! 2017 Saratoga Showcase of Homes Dates The 2017 Saratoga Showcase of Homes will be presented over three fall weekends: September 16 – 17 September 23 – 24 September 30 – October 1...

Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

3 Easy DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Every once in awhile, it’s nice to change things up when it comes to your home decor. Whether you’ve been watching lots of HGTV or you’re just getting tired of looking at that same shower curtain you’ve had since your first apartment after college, if you’re feeling inspired to make some adjustments, we say go...

Tips for Choosing A Home

Kid Friendly Floorplans: 3 Homes Designs Ideal For Young Children

Finding a house that will suit your whole family – including its littlest members – is incredibly important. Of course, when you’re looking for a new house, finding something the whole family will love can be a challenge… If you have young children and you’re in the market for a new home, chances are there...

Tips for Choosing A Home

4 Perks of Single Story Living: Benefits of One Story Homes

If you’re in the market for a home and you’ve just started the process of looking at houses, you probably have a lot on your mind. There are so many features and styles to choose from. Your mind is probably racing with questions, like: Do you want a colonial style home or an A-frame? A...

Painting an interior wall
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Creative Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

If you’re a fan of HGTV, you’ve probably noticed that shows about house flipping, remodeling and DIY projects are all the rage these days. From Fixer Upper to Flip or Flop, the house transformations you see on TV are sometimes unbelievable – and many times inspirational. If binge watching your favorite home improvement show has...

At Home Party with Family
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

5 MORE Ways to Make Hosting Parties at Home Easier

Working up the courage to have a party at home? Hoping to host a get together at your place in the near future? Hosting at-home gatherings can be fun, but preparing for them can also be nothing short of overwhelming. There’s a lot to do to get ready to entertain a house full of people!...

Horse Racing in Saratoga NY
Our Communities

Saratoga Region Summer Activities You Won’t Want to Miss

Saratoga is a bustling place to be year round, but especially in the summertime! If you’re lucky enough to live in the Saratoga Springs area, chances are you’ll never run out of fun and exciting things to do. From family friendly events to live entertainment and annual celebrations, there’s something for everyone during the summer...

backyard bird feeder
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Backyard DIY Project Ideas

Spring has finally arrived here in Upstate New York. That means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been waiting for all winter! It also means it’s time to clean up the backyard and get going on some outdoor home improvement projects! If you’re looking for some fun and manageable DIY...

Energy Efficiency
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Easy Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners are consistently looking for ways to save money on monthly expenses and utility costs. Increasing energy efficiency is one way to do so. Sometimes making your home more energy efficient takes a bit of investment. For instance, installing new high efficiency appliances or replacing old windows can save you money in the long...

Gloved hand holding sponge cleaning kitchen
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen: 6 Things You MUST Clean This Year

Spring is here! For many homeowners, that means that spring cleaning will soon be in full swing. While some homeowners absolutely love spring cleaning, others find it to be more of a necessary evil. Unfortunately, whether you love it or hate it, spring cleaning your home can be quite a chore. And one of the...

House Keys for New Home
Tips for Choosing A Home

10 Important Things to Consider When Shopping for a New Home

If you are in the market for a new home, you likely have a lot on your mind. There are many, MANY things to consider when it comes to choosing a new place to live. In fact, for some, the home shopping process can be quite overwhelming. The home buying process tends to happen in...

Housewarming Gift
Moving Into a New Home

Unconventional Housewarming Gifts New Homebuyers Will Love

Looking for a last minute housewarming gift that is sure to please? You’ve come to the right place! As custom homebuilders in Upstate NY, we have a lot of experience working with homebuyers and people moving into new homes. As a result, over the years we’ve come up with come pretty creative and unconventional yet...

First time homeowners
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

5 Things First Time Homeowners Should Be Prepared For

Congratulations! You’ve purchased your first home. It’s a very exciting time – and likely a busy time too. With packing, moving, unpacking, organizing and more on your plate, plus keeping up with your day-to-day life, chances are you don’t have time in your schedule for any unexpected surprises that may come along with new homeownership....

Moving Into a New Home

Top 10 Tips for Downsizing: How To Prepare For Moving Into a Smaller Home

When it comes to relocating, downsizing can be one of the most difficult challenges an individual or family will face. Whether you are downsizing out of necessity, for practical reasons or even because you want to, the task of moving into a smaller home can be complicated, frustrating and, at times, emotionally exhausting. So what...

Downstairs Master Bedroom
Tips for Choosing A Home

Three Great Reasons To Consider A Home With A Downstairs Master Bedroom

When it comes to shopping for and ultimately choosing a new home, you have lots of decisions to make and lots of options to choose from. Whether you’re building your own custom home or you’re browsing existing homes that are on the market, one decision you’ll have to make is whether you want the master...

Small Home
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Perks of Living in a Small Home

Many people dream of living in large, spacious houses. For many, the home they fantasize about includes more living space than they realistically need – but they continue to dream nonetheless. The unfortunate (or perhaps fortunate) reality is that most people don’t end up living in the mansions they’ve dreamed of. For one reason or...

Holiday Decorations
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

The holidays have come and gone, and once again it’s time to put away those holiday decorations. This year, don’t just throw them all in a box and stick them down in the basement! Instead, keep things organized! Do yourself a favor and implement some (or all) of these 7 helpful tips for storing holiday...

Getting to Know Heritage Custom Builders

Custom Home Floor Plans That Are Great For Entertaining

For many people, the holidays are prime time when it comes to entertaining guests. While some people love preparing for company and setting up for holiday gatherings, others absolutely despise it. If you’re someone that loves to entertain during the holidays or any time of the year, having a home well suited for entertaining guests...

Winter in Upstate NY
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Three Important-to-Remember but Easy-to-Forget Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Take Care of as the Winter Months Approach. Winter is coming. Here in Upstate NY, that means snow, ice, wind, freezing rain, hail and frigid temperatures are on their way. While you may have the heat turned on inside, plenty of blankets piled up on the...

Getting to Know Heritage Custom Builders

3 Ranch Home Floor Plans You Should Consider If You’re Shopping for a Home

Ranch homes are all the rage these days. They are perfect for any and all homebuyers, from first time homeowners to senior citizens and empty nesters, and offer a variety of benefits over other home floor plans. Even better, ranch homes come in a variety of styles and layouts. Here in Upstate NY, if you’re...

Table filled with food for the holidays
Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

5 Holiday Hosting Tips to Make Your Life Easier

The holidays are just around the corner! If you’re a new homeowner and it’s your first time hosting a crowd for the holidays – or if you’re a seasoned homeowner who is preparing to host holiday festivities again this year – you may be starting to feel the excitement and anxiety that comes along with...

Apple Picking during the Fall in Saratoga NY
Our Communities

Saratoga Fall Activities to Enjoy With Your Family

Saratoga NY is an absolutely beautiful place to be during the fall. With countless opportunities to enjoy the changing foliage, fall festivals and events galore, and dozens of local places to participate in beloved fall traditions, you can’t beat this Upstate NY locale when it comes to autumn. Looking for things to do in and...

Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist [Infographic]

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve owned a house for years, maintaining your home is a huge – and very important – ongoing project. There are dozens of tasks and projects you should do on an annual basis to keep all aspects of your home in good working order. Luckily, these home maintenance tasks...

Home in Ballston Spa NY
Our Communities

Living in Ballston Spa, NY

If you’re considering a relocation to upstate New York and looking for a historic village with modern convenience and a visible sense of community, Ballston Spa should be at the top of your list. Just 3 miles southwest of Saratoga Springs, you’ll find the Capital Region’s other “spa city.” Like its spotlight-stealing neighbor, the Village...

Tips & Tricks for Homeowners

10 Tips for Entertaining at Home: How to Throw A Stress-Free Party At Your House

Hosting parties at home can be a lot of fun. It can also be a lot of work. Those of you who have hosted at-home get togethers before have probably realized that sometimes being the “hostess with the mostest” isn’t as easy as it seems. To make entertaining at home just a little bit easier,...

Kids learning at a Saratoga NY school
Our Communities

Schools In and Around Saratoga Springs

There are many factors to consider when shopping for a new home. When relocating with a family, one of the most important factors that influences whether or not people buy in a certain area is the local school district. Parents want to make sure they are enrolling their children in a high quality school system...

New custom home construction house frame
Getting to Know Heritage Custom Builders

Build or Buy: Pros and Cons of Custom Building a New Home in Saratoga

If you are in the market for a new home in Saratoga, you are probably very familiar with the fact that there are lots of thing to consider. Chances are you’ve mulled over some of the following questions: Do we want an apartment or a house? Should we buy or rent a home? How many...