How to Purchase a Heritage Custom Built Home

Initial Deposit

A one thousand five hundred ($1,500.00) dollar refundable deposit holds a specified building lot for a period of five (5) business days. This allows you time to review Sponsors Offering Plan Documents, Purchase Agreement, Standard Features, Attachments and available floor plans before entering into a Purchase Agreement.

Sales Agreement

At the signing of the Purchase Agreement the one thousand five hundred ($1,500.00) dollar initial Lot Hold deposit will be returned to you. At this time a deposit equal to 10% of the base home price is due and will be placed in an escrow account with the Sponsor’s/Seller’s Attorney. Any options and upgrades added to the contract will require an additional deposit to be made into the escrow account. All checks should be made payable according to the Sponsor’s Offering Plan and or the Seller’s Purchase Agreement.

Selection & Options

Within fifteen (15) days after the signing of the Purchase Agreement, all selections should be completed, signed and returned to Heritage Custom Builders, LLC. Please review the option booklet, vendors and selection schedule sheets thoroughly so that your final selections are completed in a timely manner. Call the vendors to set up a meeting with design coordinators.

Scheduling of Settlement/Closing

Approximately 4-6 weeks after framing has begun, a firm settlement will be scheduled. You will receive 4-6 weeks notice (both verbally and written). If your present home is on the market, please contact your sales representative.

Pre-Inspection of the Premises

You will have a pre-inspection (Walk-Through) of the premises the day prior to settlement. You will be able to write down any item that needs attention and these items will be corrected in a timely manner after settlement.